Visit the Watertown Public Library

The Watertown Public Library is always good place to go to. Now that your child is learning Spanish at school you have one more reason to visit the library. They have a good selection of books in Spanish and we have suggested some books for them to acquire. You can also find some books with CDs that your child can listen to.

If your child(ren) watch movies at home, you can get their favorite DVD movies from the library and change the language to Spanish. Most DVD movies have English, Spanish and/or French audio tracks, and that is usually stated on the back of the DVD's case. You can set the language from the DVD menu. I recommend to start with movies that your child is familiar with and already knows the plot so that he/she is not too worry about understanding the spoken language.

You can also find -or order from another library within the network- Spanish learning DVDs for children such as Little Pim, Muzzy, Whistlefritz and Spanish for Kids. They usually are suited for beginners and children find them silly and funny.

Have fun at the library...and thanks for encouraging your child to learn Spanish!

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