¡A mitad de año!

I cannot believe we are already half way through the school year. Kindergarteners and pre-kindergarteners are continuously learning the Spanish language every day. For many, it has been a challenge to be in a fully immersed new language class, and even more to speak that language. But now I can say every single student is speaking Spanish in class...singing songs, saying words, responding to simple questions and expressing themselves using basic phrase patterns.

We continue learning to count, colors, body parts, the calendar and weather, clothes, and family members. Also, students have been learning about food and how to express likes and dislikes. We also have been working on using simple phrases such as: Yo tengo....(I have...) and Yo necesito (I need...). Since culture is part of acquiring a foreign language, I incorporate different cultural elements whenever I can, from fiesta/salsa days to typical food and traditional songs.

Our second assessment is coming up next week (February 6th). We perform oral assessments with the purpose of keeping track of the students' progress as a group.

The blog has a new page: Online Games. Here, you can find many of the learning games that the students play in Spanish computer lab every other week. Feel free to have your child play his/her favorite game at home. Also check out the videos and songs.

Keep encouraging your child to learn Spanish and, better yet, learn with her/him!

I enjoyed talking with many of you in different occasions. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at ludmila.reateguisharpe@watertown.k12.ma.us


Señora Sharpe
FLES Spanish teacher
Hosmer School

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