About Me

I was born and raised in Lima, Perú, and came to the US to go to graduate school. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and graduate degree is in Public Health with concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University. I worked in the field of childhood mental health and health education with Latino adolescents in Perú and the Boston area. When I had my own two children I started to learn about the huge cognitive, cultural and long-life benefits for children (and adults!) of being bilingual and learning a second -or third, fourth... language. Since then, I became passionate about teaching my native language and decided to become a Spanish teacher.  

I have lived in Massachusetts for about 15 years. My family in the US is my husband and two wonderful children. But I have a big family in Perú. I am proud my children are fluent in Spanish and French (besides English, of course). We keep Spanish as our home language. As a family, we like riding bikes together, hiking in the Fellsway woods, traveling, playing board games, and reading and learning about other cultures. I love visiting my country, and when we have the chance we travel to small towns to teach my children about our Peruvian roots, culture and traditions. My hobbies are running and learning new things and skills. I started learning French a few years ago.

I believe learning a second/foreign language opens the door of a whole new world to a child, and I feel so fortunate to be able to facilitate that.