In the classroom

Examples of some of the activities - We do lots of songs and games, but these are some of the 'table' activities we do to reinforce language learning.

Coloring their own "arcoiris" while identifying the colors in Spanish

 Identifying colors, sorting, matching and counting in Spanish.

"Mi Ratón de Colores": craft to review colors and body parts. Here are a few of the adorable 'ratoncitos". 

Children are practicing counting and learning body parts and colors. They also learned fall-themed vocabulary (manzanas, espantapájaros, hojas, otoño). 

10 Manzanas en la cabeza 

Espantapájaros (Scarecrow)

The students practiced short phrases: "Necesito... brócoli..." - (I need brócoli) while they shopped for food. Then, they used the phrase "Yo tengo....." (I have....) to tell a partner what they had in their shopping cart. We are also practicing "Me gusta... / No me gusta..." (I like.../ I don't like...). 

Sorting by sizes: pequeño, mediano, grande

Students place the family member in the rooms of the house after listening to Sra. Sharpe's: 'La mamá está en la sala' (mom is in the living room); 'El abuelo está en la cocina'; 'El gato está en el cuarto (o dormitorio)'...etc.
 Students did their own house by pasting the rooms of the house under the teacher's guide

Reviewing shapes by listening and coloring. This activity aims for auditory recognition of the shapes names.

Learning about summer clothes