I am Señora Sharpe, one of the Spanish teachers of the new FLES program. This is my first year being part of the Watertown World Language team. For more information about the World Language Department, please visit http://watertownworldlanguages.blogspot.com

This year kindergarten and pre-k students are having 30 minutes of Spanish everyday.  The Spanish lessons are interactive and fun: songs, stories, games, music and movement, arts and crafts projects and other activities alike. It is my hope that children will enjoy learning the Spanish language and culture in a natural and fun way. The focus of the program is on communication and oral proficiency, thus I speak only Spanish in class. We use lots of visual aids, short videos and repetition.

Parents of children that have never been exposed to Spanish or any other language, do not need to worry. Research has shown that at this age children learn languages in an amazingly easy way. On the other hand, children who have Spanish as their heritage language will feel encouraged, motivated and more confident to speak their home language.

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions at ludmila.reateguisharpe@watertown.k12.ma.us. I will be delighted to share with parents and families, through this blog, the wonderful journey that your child is about to begin!

I look forward to an exciting year!
Señora Sharpe
FLES Spanish Teacher
Hosmer School
Watertown Public Schools